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Journey To K.Kelawang With 120Y

Date : 30 August 2009 Time : 1.40 am Location : Kuala Kelawang Signboard At BT 14 Yeah! Its Sunday Night of 30th August in month of Ramadhan.  Our Touge still on progress and now time to move out. After “lepak Minum” at Taman Melati with Jasril86 and Botak30. We agree to riki Kuala Kelawang … Continue reading

The Awakening Of Datsun 120Y A12GX/DCNF-40 Weber

After a long moment Jasril86 a.k.a Datsun 120Y driver rest from touge while his car was sleep in garage about 1 month for Engine search & replacement. Now it’s the time for Datsun 120Y to move. After get half-cut Nissan A12GX engine from half-cut shop at Rawang through NISMO Club forum. The engine was a … Continue reading

Takashi First Drive

Date : 28 Februari 2009 Time : 1.30am Takashi First Drive On The Last Nite of Februari. Takashi went to Genting Highland after has a minom2 at Hasanah Tomyam with Botak30 as our Cameraman. After has granted to borrow my Sister car White Myvi, i called Mr 120Y (jasril86).  We met up in front of … Continue reading

First Touge Datsun 120Y (N/A) With Honda Civic (b16b Type-R) Downhill Genting

Takashi87  on Honda Civic as Cameraman. Chasing Datsun 120Y. Date : 22 February 2009 Time : 12.30 am Downhill This midnite my neighbor (Wantoya) ask me to go lepak(hangout) at anyplace suitable. Uwaa..  Good idea i said.. well nothing to do also, haha.. i try to reach My Jasril86 and ask about it. He also … Continue reading


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