Midnight Touge

First Touge Datsun 120Y (N/A) With Honda Civic (b16b Type-R) Downhill Genting

Takashi87  on Honda Civic as Cameraman. Chasing Datsun 120Y.

Date : 22 February 2009
Time : 12.30 am

This midnite my neighbor (Wantoya) ask me to go lepak(hangout) at anyplace suitable. Uwaa..  Good idea i said.. well nothing to do also, haha.. i try to reach My Jasril86 and ask about it. He also free then me met at Kedai Mamak A-Malek to plan where to go.  As normal, wantoya, botak30 and me arrive first at mamak. After have a chit-chat about 15 minutes, Blue-sky Datsun 120Y coming and park infront of us.. Yeah.. That the crazy 120Y Driver Mr Jasril86. After having some drink and cigarette, we all agree to climb Genting Highland. Only cars we have.  WanToya so so XcITed and believe his V-tec can leave Datsun 120Y far away.

We took gombak old road as our  route to Genting.  At first Wantoya go ahead and leave Jasril far about 300m, but after enter the “S” and dark road, Wantoya start to slow down his car.  That reveal to me that Wantoya a bit afraid to going fast in old & narrow road. After 2 corner, Jasril86 already at the back of Civic and start to play WanToya..  i Just only know to laugh that time..  Then Jasril86 start to take over us and Wantoya allowed him to pass. WanToya tried to catch-up with his driving experience but still lose at behind. After arrive at Genting Sempah. We have some smoke 1st and discuss the experience that we had on touge’ing.

After a few minutes we start to climb the hill.. This time, The Power Of V-Tec show his teeth.after passed all car, Datsun 120Y was disappear from my eyes. WanToya decided to leave him far away and arrive at destination ASAP! Then we arrive at Mamak beside Hotel Seri Malaysia. That was our lepak spot Mamak at Genting. Main order are Milo Suam and 2 telor Separuh masak.. hohoo..



2 thoughts on “First Touge Datsun 120Y (N/A) With Honda Civic (b16b Type-R) Downhill Genting

  1. Too dark…can’t see anything…only small tail light

    Posted by sadik | October 14, 2009, 01:38
  2. yeah.. because it our 1st.. no high quality camera.. just 3gp phone only ~.~

    Posted by tougeg | October 14, 2009, 18:52

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