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Video Of Fraser’s Hill

We had 3 videos, 1st one video about touge to uphill and downhill scene, the second video telling about some mistakes that done by Datsun 120Y and the third video about Takashi87 and his persona downhill and had fun at some corner curve.. 1St Video 2Nd Video 3Rd Video

Fraser’s Hill Official Run

Yeah we made it at last after a week of Bentong Touge with other teams. Sharp 11.30pm i made my way to Jasril home accompany by botak beside me.  At 11.35 we arrived at Jasril’s Dynasty and he already waiting for us but still not wearing his shirt with showing his tits to public. yeah.. … Continue reading


hell yeah.. Kelawang Touge already been canceled and will be postponed into next week.. It will boring night today.. but another plan already been decide.. We gonna attck Fraser’s Hill on 2 Rides, Datsun 120Y and Proton Persona. Now. its our official run for Fraser’s Hill and the preparation has been made.. We Gonna bring … Continue reading

Kelawang Attack Tonite – CANCELED-

Shalie & me already planned for touge at kelawang tonite.. but it depend if Next Sunday programm. If next sunday busy. Touge might me cancel and postpone to others day. Hope there will no programs on Sunday.. Amen!

Bentong Touge Video

Part 1 Released

Touge Convoy With: – Kansei – EPMC – Touge-R – Traffic. Gombak – Bentong

Subject : Convoy with Kansei, EPMC, Touge-R, Traffic – Gombak to Bentong Date : 11 October 2009 Time : 9.00AM to 3.00PM   Shalie from Touge-R has inform us that they are has arrange a convoy to Bentong one night. I Roger to Jasril 120Y about that event. He so excited to join. At the … Continue reading


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