Our New Released Video

Here our new video On Genting Sempah recorded on AVCHD video format with Digital Sony Handycam HDR-SR12E.
The Latest Video Persona having pursuit with Datsun 120Y from behind. Throtling to Maximum as i can. Batery Kong after a few minutes start and re-continue with Botak K770i phone.
Datsun 120Y Chasing Persona Scene at Uphill Genting. Recorded on 120Y
Datsun 120Y Having Fun With Vtec at Uphill Genting. On The Video we suddenly met 1 Toyota DX Snap out from road and has fatal accident. Then met 1 unknown Proton Persona having fun with full of passenger and hit the bumper like hell
Takashi87 Having Fun with his Persona at Genting Downhill while Jasril followed behind
Botak30 and Takashi87 having some boring day with Honda EX5



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