hell yeah.. Kelawang Touge already been canceled and will be postponed into next week.. It will boring night today.. but another plan already been decide.. We gonna attck Fraser’s Hill on 2 Rides, Datsun 120Y and Proton Persona. Now. its our official run for Fraser’s Hill and the preparation has been made.. We Gonna bring our HD Sony Video-cam  HDR SR12E and botak will be our shooter 😉 Prays for our safety there 🙂 AMEN.


5.15am – Ahh.. we just back.. feel a bit tired.. Long Journey we ride from gombak to Fraser’s Hill. Got some scratch Datsun 120Y had tonite. We will tell the story soon as possible.  I’m need to do some video editting right now. We back and arrived safely then enjoy and had some chit-chat at 1 mamak restaurant at Selayang, gombak at 4.40am.



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