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Saturday Morning Cruise Photoshoot-out Gombak

DATE       :  27 JANUARY 2010 TIME       :  9.40 AM – 12.45PM VENUE   : GOMBAK – G.SEMPAH 7.00 am It’s been a cloudy day this morning, seem to be rain will drop out but i dont think so. What a wonderful saturday morning. i do check out all my peripheral for simple photography session to be … Continue reading

Gombak Touge Showdown – Mirage-RS Cyborg Shalie & Datsun 120Y

MIDNIGHT TOUGE SHOWDOWN SPECIAL DATE : 20/2/2010 TIME : 1.20AM ~ 4.00AM COURSE Gombak – Genting Sempah Awana – Genting Sempah Runner Shalie Mirage-RS Cyborg 4G13 (Touge-R) Jasril 120Y A12GX JDM (Touge-G) Cameraman   : Takashi87 Videostory : Storyboard : Its Friday 19 February, just woke up from day sleeping, clock showed its 12.30noon. Ouch.. 30 … Continue reading

Weekly Touge – Bukit Tinggi Downhill Showdown

Bukit Tinggi Downhill Showdown Saturday, 30 Jan 2010 12.32am – Suddenly Jasril contact my phone while at the time he was had dinner at some restaurant at Bt 8, Gombak. He just saw 6 Toyota DX was cruising on the road. He asked me to do preparation to Touge tonight. I back home and check … Continue reading


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