Weekly Touge – Bukit Tinggi Downhill Showdown

Bukit Tinggi Downhill Showdown

Saturday, 30 Jan 2010
12.32am – Suddenly Jasril contact my phone while at the time he was had dinner at some restaurant at Bt 8, Gombak. He just saw 6 Toyota DX was cruising on the road.
He asked me to do preparation to Touge tonight. I back home and check all Persona condition. Nah! Front right outside tyre got scratching but still can go 1 or 2 round.
01.22am – Jasril arrived at our meet place as usual and his condition was excellent. After all has been setup, videocam already tight in its place, we start push to Awana Genting Highland through home course. Beautiful saturday night no lorry there. We try to find that DX there unfortunately haven’t meet. After finish drink at mamak restaurant we went down back at Genting Sempah and plan another shootout.
2.45am – Finish refuel petrol at Petronas Genting Sempah, we go out to Karak Highway to Bukit Tinggi at normal speed. Bukit Tinggi so quite tonight. No one here also.. Ahh! What a boring night. We had a pump of ciggarete and Lepak at Helipad. Got 1 couple in a car had romantic moment at middle of helipad. They go in rush after saw us enter that area.
3.30am – We start our engine and 120Y want try to push the limit on downhill. After handycam been setup back, we go downhill, and other story start on the video..
4.20am – Arrived at our place and medical check up on car progress. Ouch! My right tyre got serious scratch and some tear after had touge Downhill at Bukit Tinggi and Genting Sempah – Gombak. New tyre needed


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