Midnight Touge

Gombak Touge Showdown – Mirage-RS Cyborg Shalie & Datsun 120Y


DATE : 20/2/2010
TIME : 1.20AM ~ 4.00AM


Gombak – Genting Sempah
Awana – Genting Sempah


Shalie Mirage-RS Cyborg 4G13 (Touge-R)
Jasril 120Y A12GX JDM (Touge-G)

Cameraman   : Takashi87

Videostory :

Storyboard :
Its Friday 19 February, just woke up from day sleeping, clock showed its 12.30noon. Ouch.. 30 minutes left for Friday prayer. Walkin’ to my computer, good it’s run normally even doesn’t off for 1 year already.

Logon into facebok then, there got 12 notification there from chickies and mates. i just click to see all, my blurry eyes suddenly open wide. Got 1 post from sharlie at my profile wall then get my attention. Ouch! Got 1 touge call from him. it sound like this, ” malam ni touge mcm best kan, hahaha ” i replied with smiley noty  face ^.^ I tried to reach jasril, but no hope then. he fall asleep till evening.

Mirage-RS Cyborg & Datsun 120Y

Its 8.30pm now, jasril came to my premise, i showed him msg from shalie, wow.. he excited reading about that. But he need to go meet with his radio club. At 12.45 m we start moving to Bt 10 gombak, Shalie already been there about 1hour and 20 minutes  sleeping waiting for us. Sorry Yah! Mr Shalie, something clashed up with timing. Mr Takashi choose to sit beside Shalie to recond precious moment between Mirage and 120Y. “Its first time had touge ride in this car, nice this ride not too stiff and had good balance and stability around corner. Seem like Shalie doesn’t push to the limit when i ride with him as cameraman. Shalie just back to this course after 2 years doesnt have night touge here at Gombak ^.^. Seem to be he a bit nervous right here ^.^” said Mr Takashi here .

Mirage-RS Cyborg & Datsun 120Y

We arrived at Awana Kedai Mamak around 2.30 like that after had some touge experience between Jasril and Shalie from gombak Bt 12 to Kedai Mamak. “Its an advantages for FR car to take cornering with high speed, we FF cars lack of that speciality, understeer we had at some corner while Mirage at front chased close by 120Y,” comment Mr. Shalie.

For overall it’s a great touge between 120Y and Mirage-RS Cyborg from Touge-R. Thanks for visiting us Mr. Shalie. Its a great experience had ride with you.. Cedok2 some skill. hehehe



3 thoughts on “Gombak Touge Showdown – Mirage-RS Cyborg Shalie & Datsun 120Y

  1. hahahaha…. of coz i’m nervous… it’s been ages for me to touge at genting-sempah at night 😛 ni pon baru balik wshop… driveshaft boot cover was torn n grease leaking out… then my rear disc jammed… changed the brake kit already… :O anyways… we FF runners need to do something to run away from abg jasril…. muakakaka!! 😀

    Posted by shalie | February 21, 2010, 15:06
  2. hehehe.. my persona need some upgrade then, still not enough time to visit wshop. lack of torque in low rpm.. grrr.. we ff runner need to enter the corner as fast as FR runner to try catch-up that corner monster 🙂

    Posted by tougeg | February 21, 2010, 22:15
  3. eerrr…next time sedikan night view goggle ye…aku nak ikut

    Posted by ariel | February 22, 2010, 00:45

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