Saturday Morning Cruise Photoshoot-out Gombak

DATE       :  27 JANUARY 2010
TIME       :  9.40 AM – 12.45PM

Best Motoring

Best Motoring New Edition

7.00 am It’s been a cloudy day this morning, seem to be rain will drop out but i dont think so. What a wonderful saturday morning. i do check out all my peripheral for simple photography session to be use on Touge Cruise with Jasril. All hardware in good condition and ready to be run. Check out my facebook to post the activity for today. Ahh..  what a lazy habit to get wet in the bathroom.

8.40 am I went out to Aliff’s house to take him for breakfast at SM Teknik Gombak. On the way i woke up jasril and ask him come to SM Teknik. Had Nasi Goreng for breakfast with Hot Milo

9.40 am The main program start after all member finish their meals. The weather still cloudy & its a cold day.  Too many school driving car on the road.

PhotoShoot 1

10.15am There a plenty road constructions at some section. We drive with pre-caution due to tarmac oil around. We stop by at some curve and took  some photo. Sunshine already on rise here. Feel hot already. We continue way to Awana Genting for some drink. Too many car climb genting today

PhotoShoot 2

12.30pm way back to home. I got something to go at 1 pm.  Aliff & jasril went back sleep. 🙂



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