[Invitational Event] Touge FF Run by Touge-R



Touge-R Invitational Event -  Touge FF Run

11.00 PM – Routine check for everything. Ahh.. damn! Lost 1 of my handycam battery worth RM320. Where did i placed last time touge with Mirage-RS. Handycam setting has been made, my cheap brand tripod been fixed already. Memorycard and handycam hardisk already formatted. Called jasril for confirmation of joining Touge-R has been made. Currently out for dinner with his special one.

12.20 AM – Out from base to Twin-Shell MRR2 in the middle of Taman Melati & UIA exit.  Arrived there, 7 cars from Touge-R has been waiting. Greeting from each others and chit-chat a while wait for Shafiq and other.

1.10 AM – all members are here and we move out from Sheel to our Destination, Genting Sempah. Drive slow and steady from shell until at Alang Sedayu camp, passed there at 1st S corner, everybody start  accelerating a bit. Mirage-Rs in the front while following by BlueGhost 120Y and Ryu Raiden Accord SV4. about 600m run, 120y let Sv4 passed him after has been “pranngg..Pranggg” by Vtec sound with his shiny HID =.=.  Extreme S corner of Sempah ahead, Sv4 try to catch-up with Mirage-RS, unfortunately Mirage-RS made very far gap after corner by corner. Jasril keep close with Sv4 while Mr.Taka keep watching every movement of Sv4 driving style while recording the video. The rest of runner tonight was the 1st time run touge at Sempah on midnight except Mirage-Rs which has been run with 120y a week before. There got a devil inside the Sv4, he done many mistake at some corner, but still try to do the best. That impressed me.

1.40 Am – All runner been made at Sempah safely. There got 1 Touge fans from Damansara waiting for us overthere names “Mr.Electroborneo” who’s come with his friend which came by through Karak highway drive White Myvi. After talk session about everyone experienced on touge we all climb up to Kedai Mamak Awana beside Hotel Seri Malaysia for Tea-Break except Mr Ryu Raiden SV4 which got something comeup on next morning. After “Tea-Break”, Shalie Mirage-RS and Shafiq SM4 turn back home due to program on next day. Other climb up at top of Genting Highland for “Lepaking” and Chit-Chat at Starbuck near casino till Shop close at 7.00am.

7.45 AM – Sun has been rise but it still cold like Refrigerator. After smokey and chatting at 1 pariking side, we all made our ride to home. Hah! I’m So Exhausted! But It all Fun Night!~

Link Photo Album by Mr Taka –



12 thoughts on “[Invitational Event] Touge FF Run by Touge-R

  1. yeahh…. it was a splendid day!! 😀 tunggu sume kete dah ok n ade sen la 😦

    Posted by shalie | March 10, 2010, 18:05
  2. hi guys…
    this is interesting…
    not bad for that big sv4…
    longer wheel base should be an advantage perhaps…
    not bad at all guys… 🙂
    wonder who is this ryu raiden… hehehe

    Posted by look at the sky... | March 10, 2010, 19:56
    • yeah.. i’ve been shock saw his driving.. so Syok Ahh!. But.. at that time his sv4 got shock problem, but he still try to push the limit even in his 1st time drive there. from rumors said, he technically got Go-Kart training in some circuit 🙂

      Posted by tougeg | March 10, 2010, 20:06
  3. hehheee… semak tul…. seram aku aritu dipermain2 mainkan oleh “the ghost” ngan “the angle”… sudahnya aku give up masa nak start 2nd leg… all finger up to all the brosss…

    Posted by ghost-r | March 10, 2010, 20:07
  4. hehehe – Ghost-R -> Ryu Raiden Sv4 was talking there :). ishk.. takdee lah dimainkan.. just had fun lorr.. takpe2.. ada masa nnti kite jalan2 lagi bro 😉

    Posted by tougeg | March 10, 2010, 20:21
  5. wokeh.. no prob.. if we have some free time maybe can try driving again in the bends. need to find the rhythm of the mountains.. hehhee..

    Posted by ghost-r | March 11, 2010, 12:34
  6. kami kt blakang2 ni lg le.slamat le ade iswara blakang aku,so slamat le sket. hehehe. dgn lampu prob lak.hadoh

    Posted by shafiq | March 15, 2010, 01:17
  7. ahh.. .. best nye main ayaq kat sempah malam ini.. hehehehe.. Menakutkan sket2 pon ada.. pi solo dgn personaku..

    ehh.. dok blakang2 bahaya taww.. ada ultraman menunggu anda di-atas pokok :p

    Posted by tougeg | March 15, 2010, 03:28
  8. uishhh tkut.kekekek

    Posted by shafiq | March 21, 2010, 17:05
  9. brrooo… bila nak naik lg.. ada member2 baru nak johin… jasril pun dah siap dah keta dia…

    Posted by ghost-r | April 1, 2010, 02:05
    • member baru.. allright gak tu.. jasril punye kereta pon baru je tukar clutch plate * kasi keras sket :). sblm ni clutch ada slip sket.. & last week saje2 bawak orang nak tgk, habis teros clutch dia.. erm.. jumaat malam sabtu jom.. hehehehe

      Posted by tougeg | April 1, 2010, 20:08

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