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Update : Some of Story

Welcome Back

It’s May already. Its been 2 months this blog keep silent. Not much touge scene been involve.

On last month of April 10’2010. Our member Satria from Touge-R get some scars.  4 Runner gathered at SMK Teknik Gombak at 1:00AM. After had some chit-chat, we move out at 1.30. Shalie Angelic  was leading and followed by Firdaus Neo, Azraie WexWex & Takashi Persona.

After pass through Alang Sedayu, everyone start throttle up and the Touge begin. Takashi who at the back watch every other runner movement. At 2nd corner, Azraie’s WEX WEX seem little oversteer.  I made decision not to over throttle as precaution step. At 5th corner, WEX WEX tackle the corner too earlt and deep inside where got some bumpy tarmac. WEX WEX been understeered and went out of the road, he cannot balance the WEX WEX and crashed at the concrete wall. The Story continue in this video.

Jasriil 120Y who rest at home that night came up to give some help. He called 1 Tow Track from his Radio Amatuer member.  WEX WEX has been sent to 1 workshop at Sri Gombak.

Wex Wex 🙂

WexWex Crashed

Wex Wex Crashed

Next night After the incident again The WEX WEX, Firdaus Neo called up Takashi to touge practice at Gombak-Sempah.  On the uphill scene, I been followed closed by Firdaus. Hehe.. I;m not good in uphill touge. Then we climb up to Gohtong Jaya Awana Mamak and chit chat about touge and life.

Persona & Neo

Persona & Neo

After lepak at mamak, we go downhill Genting and this time I let Firdaus take the lead. He done excellent at downhill genting which I fall behind and still try to catch up

Now my turn to lead downhill touge at Sempah-Gombak. We changed our co-pilot that night to get & share some information and experience. Firdaus neo got some problem with his gear knob so I decide not to accelerate too much. He done so well at first stage tight corner downhill and still keep on my tail. At the second stage I start push a little at some corner  After some corner I slow down back waiting for him and make sure he still okay back there.

Here a video from Neo.


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