Misery, touge

Lucky!! Not Fall.

Lucky!! Not Fall.

Very-very Lucky for Firdaus Neo this nite. Back from Gohtong Awana Genting Highland, rain start drop moisten the road.  Only 40% of eyesight due foggy and so cool. Takashi lead the way followed by Firdaus and Jasril. There are many vehicle downhill from genting. Everyone drive careful along this route.

Reach at Genting Sempah – Gombak old route. The rain already drizzling.  After passed the workshop corner, I throttled a little and try to drive fast corner by corner. A few turn been passed after bridge, there was a blockout from back. Where was Neo & 120Y right now? I stopped by about 5 seconds but there still no light from back. I tried to turn back at tight area and run fast to search them. From far I’ve seen light of them at 1 sharp corner stopped by the road.

Firdaus Neo's In Da Middle

Ready to Pull Out From Misery

The Lorry & Neo

Arrived there, Neo was stuck on fringe which nearly falls into the deep ravine. He was overshoot  and understeered before went out of tarmac.  There is no rope in everyone car. Jasril take out 120y seatbelt as a rope and fastened at Neo and 120y to force pull out Neo into the road. Unfortunately, it won’t happen due to wet surface of the road. But, lucky, a 3 tons Lorry pass through us and give some help. After fastened the seatbelt onto the lorry. We succeeded to pull out Neo from the fringe. Thanks to the Lorry driver who stop by and give some help for us. If not, the only way is call for tow truck. Firdaus and his friend was safe. He was first time went touge on wet condition.



4 thoughts on “Lucky!! Not Fall.

  1. damn… luckily it didn’t slipped thru….

    Posted by shalie | May 12, 2010, 13:35
  2. Luck! Rear right and front left wheel still on stuck on the ground. Fast pull e-brake

    Posted by tougeg | May 12, 2010, 19:30
  3. OMG!!! that was close >.<

    Luckily no one got hurt when the tow sling snap as well 😛

    Posted by Ryo | May 20, 2010, 10:09
  4. thank god…..

    Posted by mizta | June 25, 2010, 05:31

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