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Shooting Uphill Sempah Video For Learning

We went to Wangsa Walk first to meet up with botak which he went watched new movies “Karate Kid” that end at 1.45am (Saturday Already ). Its 12 June, at 2.00am we headed to Genting Sempah for cruising with 120Y and Persona. We planned to record Uphill Video for other drivers learning purpose.

Since at Wangsa Walk heavy rain already drop from the sky. But when we reached at Alang Sedayu its been stop by itself. Tarmac at Gombak till genting sempah full of water. Every splash can be here from inside.

We stop by at our local Awana Mamak to had some meals. After 15 minutes something like that, heard of vroom vroom sound. There’s come a bucks of various cars. Included in that group was Toyota MR2 year 87’ I think. There got some Toyota LE, Satrias and 1 Myvi Turbo. The MR2 driver shocked a while when he saw 120Y was parking near mamak there.  1st thought, maybe he already watch youtube video.. but after had some chit chat with him, he was member’s of the 1 Satria that fall 200m at Sempah-Gombak Touge. What a day, we met again tonight..

After finish out the meals and chit chat, we went downhill together with them. Everyone drive slow tonite  due to wet-wet on the road J. Only sometimes we push little throttle. Whatever, how careful we drive, misery cannot be smell from far rite. 1 Toyota LE was crashed after his rear was hit the concrete divider at the same scene of Takashi was oversteer area. He was unlucky due to the wet condition of road made the crash more brutal. After rear hit the concrete Divider, he went hit the railing. At that time, 120Y, Persona and some of them already at 1st Post Guard. Then we back to see what happen up there when waiting there is no one arrive.



2 thoughts on “Shooting Uphill Sempah Video For Learning

  1. hahaha…. the satria’s fren ke? OMG… luckily i’m not around yesterday… if not they will die seeing my engine 😛 but where’s kudut n ajim?

    Posted by shalie | June 13, 2010, 10:07
    • diorang cite.. yg Satria masuk gaung 200m tu, dah sebulan baru kasi angkat =.=. Kudut ajim? sape tuh :p. Ni cte jumaat malam sabtu arr.. yg dari petang sambut sampai pagi ahad blom story lagi.. huhuhu

      Posted by tougeg | June 13, 2010, 22:31

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