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SNC Invitational Run & The Evolution III


Saturday Night Touge Run

A week before Saturday Night Touge Run, Mizta Firdaus inform me & jasril about touge run that will be organized by 1 of his member from SNC on 19th June. In evening 17th June, Jasril & Botak went to half-cut to find another 5 speed gearbox for 120Y due to current gearbox was problem after weekend 12 June touge with MR2 and Toyota families at Downhill genting.

At Shell Sri Gombak

At Shell Sri Gombak

It’s 19 June evening, Jasril & Taka just back from site at S.Alam after finish work at 1 Restaurant near Stadium. I back home to get some rest after not sleep last night and work with Jasril. Its really exhausted. Try to get some rest, damn! After a while I close my eyes my phone ringing. Aiya!! What botak want at this time. Dude.. “gimme some sleep a while lorr”. After sleep around 20 minutes, I  do prepare all my camera & accessories.

Whites Neo

Clock now showed 9.10pm, I went to botak’s cave, take him and went to Jasril’s cave. Uik! 120Y not there.. Where is he rite now? (=.=) He went to car wash to clean up his 120y. After all done, we move out there at 10.30pm and straight up to Rendezvous Point at Shell Sri Gombak.

Proton Family

Right there, Azim & MizTa Firdaus already been there with some Neo member. After everyone arrived we move out to Petronas Selayang to do some briefing of touge run route & preparation. There was so many ride at that Petronas which another group from nowhere are meet up there too. They had 2 BMWs, a Lotus Elise and others various rides. After briefing done, we start move to Ulu Yam – Batang Kali – Awana Genting route at 11.30pm.

Tarmac surface was dry and really good tonight same as weather. 120Y take a lead at first starting following by 3 Satria Neo behind him. Due to 120Y A12GX engine limitation on uphill, it’s give some advantages for Mizta Firdaus & other 2 Neo to overtake him in the straight line. In the same time, Takashi who’s started from the last try chase another by another with his stock Persona to shoot some videos. There was some traffic over there are using that route. Everyone was re-gather  before T Junction to Ulu Yam Bharu And Batang Kali and start back our touge journey through Batang Kali to Awana Genting. This time Mizta Firdaus & 2 fast neo was leading ahead followed by another Neo and Azim Satria’s.

Chit-Chating at Shell. Waiting others

Arrived at mamak Awana, everyone rest a while after took a long touge via Ulu Yam – Btg Kali in high adrenaline. We chit chat about our trip experience for a while and some of us had “maggie goreng mamak” for a meal. Jasril rides, 120Y got minor problem with one of anti-roll bar bushing broken. Meanwhile, Azim got phone sms from Ariel Monster Evo, Ariel was waiting us at Genting Sempah’s Petronas for Downhill Touge Genting Sempah. Ariel was accompany with Hamizal as co-pilot 🙂

Hepi Hepi

Hepi Hepi

At downhill genting everyone was drive normal and not pushing lead by 120y. I put little throttle on downhill with sleepy eyes which mencari Bantal to get nap. when i arrived at Petronas, everyone already lepak2 on railing with ariel & hamizal beside the petrol pump. Puff Puff they smoking a while. Got 1 black Neo missed the Sempah exit and continue to gombak through highway.

Route 68 : G.Sempah – Gombak Touge

Now everyone are ready to get in Route 68 downhill Touge G.Sempah – Gombak. 120Y was leading our ride through the downhill. At the starting near Workshop 1st corner, 120Y, Mizta Firdaus with 1 his Neo friends following by Ariel Monster Evo and Takashi start throttling into the corner even there got 1 little lorry was at the corner cruising. At section 1 downhill area, 120y was far ahead lead the touge and leave us behind about 3 corner. Mizta Firdaus cannot catch him due to high turn slow corner everywhere while 120y was took that corner easy as eat chipsmore. Now Mizta was lead 1 small group which include 1 Neo, an Evo and Persona. At the moment Azim was touge alone at his new experience while other Neo was just cruising bcoz of tired already.

Preparing Handycam

Mizta Firdaus & 1 his Neo friend now in high pressure moment, they was shaking by Monster Evo. They tried to get rid of the Evo, but there are major comparison between FWD & 4WD in cornering. At last Mizta Firdaus was give up to Monster Evo and let him passed the way. Now Takashi Persona was in the middle of 2 Neo. Come on baby.. lemme pass to shooting 120Y and Evo scene. Ahh! cannot passed and now i’ve been shaking by them. What a poor, not enough acceleration to get pass on the straight. After a while he lemme pass at 1 small tokong.

Azim's Ride

Now i can see from far the light of 120Y and Evo. Evo was already passed 120Y at corner before the quarry bridge. I tried to catch 120y after the bridge and at the Quarry Straight point i tried to get close with 120y. I dont know what current speed there and put concentration at front left 45 degree corner. 120Y was use early braking before the corner and i took a risk to be a bit late braking and try to pass by outside corner while 120y was now was inside with second gear high rpm rev. Now come another right and continue left and right corner. We was head by head right now. Who want to pull off and who want to play the bet! Jasril was gave me pass at entry corner. Takashi was not in the right line rite now and try to get balance back and accelerating back through Alang Sedayu Straigh point. Evo already reach the the Bt 12 Bridge.

Spend Time At Awana

Everyone was back safely, some of them cannot go further and back to home. Others was went to At Thaqwa Mamak at Sri Gombak. at 5.30am. Everyone back to pray and sleep. The End of The Story.. Hohoho.. I Dont know what i typing now. Poor English :p See Yaa!

Fixing 120y anti roll bar bush

Video Uploaded Succesfully!

Others Pictures

Meetup with Enche Ariel  at GS Petronas

Meetup with Enche Ariel at GS Petronas

Evo III - CPS Neo - 120Y

Ready for downhill Sempah??

Neo & Satria


9 thoughts on “SNC Invitational Run & The Evolution III

  1. hehehe…. not easy to handle an evo3…. but those true track enthusiasts are not to be messed around with….

    Posted by shalie | June 22, 2010, 07:49
  2. Scared to death to see those narrow & tight corner on Route 68 plus some bad experiences years ago..

    Posted by muserella | June 22, 2010, 07:58
  3. Video been uploaded : G,Sempah – Gombak (route68)

    Posted by tougeg | June 22, 2010, 14:53
  4. Hi, you guys look like so hardcore!
    anyway, I am newbie in driving and hope to get to know more about cars.
    Can I join you guys for yours outing ?
    Oh yeah, I am also a 1.3L proton owner :p
    you can contact me through my mailbox, really appreciate if get the chance to learn from you guys.

    Posted by Reyes | June 27, 2010, 05:13
  5. okay Reyes.. thanks for visit our blogsite. i sent a msg through mail 😉

    Posted by tougeg | June 27, 2010, 06:16


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