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Kelawang -> Bukit Putus -> Sempah Journey



Kuala Kelawang Cruise

Kuala Kelawang Touge


A Week Before  Mr.Shalie from Touge-R was invited Jasril for some run at Kuala Kelawang.  It’s was unconfirmed run due to we not give confirmation  because of busy of work. On Saturday 3rd July evening, I msg Azim for news of tonite Kelawang Run before went to last work site at Taman Melati.

At 12.00am of 4th July, we meet up at some gas station. Participated for Kelawang run tonite, Jasril(120y), Mizta Firdaus(Silver Neo), Azim (Black Satria), Azham (Orange Neo) & Darius (facebook friend). Started climb through Touge Bukit Ampang at 12.30am and arrived at Kelawang route about 1.20am.

Touge Runner

Unfortunately, weather and road condition not in our side for touge run. It was raining and wet from Kelawang grid till a bridge at end of Kelawang Touge. We all just cruise along the straight and corner. Leading, 120Y in the front followed by Orange Neo & Black Satria. Silver and Persona was far behind from them.

Lines Up

At Negeri Sembilan Kelawang Touge side, 120Y was understeer at 1 corner and went through on grass. It was lucky there are wide corner that gave him to stop his car. Orange Neo who’s followed behind closed to hit him and got time to avoid.

Bukit Putus Cruise


Bukit Putus



In evening of 4th July, Azim sent me invitation msg of Bukit Putus cruise run. Jasril got meeting with his client at 8.30pm, I don’t want to disturb him with his scope of work. I called Mizta Firdaus to ask him to follow. He was so free and decide to be my co-pilot and see the view of Bukit Putus. He already ran at Bukit Putus with his old Satria a long time ago.

At 9.00pm I drive out from my place and went to Mizta Firdaus place. He drove my Persona along the journey to R&R Seremban as our meetp-up location with Kudut(WEX-WEX), Azim(Black Satria) and his friend as co-pilot. Arrived at R&R Seremban about 10.30pm and had some meals that I bought at McDonald. Kudut & Azim already been there.

Bukit Putus Touge Runner

We moved to Petronas near Bukit Putus as our stop-by place there to check cars condition. Its first time for Azim & Me run at Bukit Putus so we drove slow for introduction run. Mizta was drove Persona at first run uphill in Bukit Putus. I had fun saw the view of Bukit Putus hairpins. My Persona lack of power after every hairpins out and always understeered there. Kudut & Azim was fast at every section uphill. Tarmac surfaces was semi-wet everywhere. Me and Mizta been leave about 150m behind.

Touge ManHunt

Now my turn to try out and it was Downhill Bukit Putus. Ahh.. I just try to the my best at downhill section. Mizta now was test-drive Azim BlackSatria. I lead the downhill followed by Kudut behind me and Mizta. At first hairpin corner still can take easy. But after hairpin no 4, I can feel how understeer my persona when enter the hairpin, with the rear bald tires made me suffer through the every hairpins. Kudut was easy to catch-up me after every hairpin. I cant see Mizta from my rear mirror. We back to Petronas Station to refill some gas then we climb back to Bukit Putus and non-stop downhill back. Now kudut was lead the run and Azim back to his cockpit. Mizta was took my handycam to record the scenes.

Gombak Sempah Cruise



Gombak - Sempah Disaster



We back to KL after finished the downhill and we stop-by at R&R Seremban to fill our stomach. I planned to take run at Genting Sempah. Kudut & Azim want join together. Jasril was waiting us at Gombak to Sempah Touge Run. But then, it was not a good time for touge tonite at Sempah – Gombak. So many tree was collapsed everywhere. We try to move out some tree from the road. Unlucky, there still got many tree ahead. We decide to cruise through Genting Awana Mamak. At 5.30am everyone back to bed. Uwaa.. it’s was our Long Touge Journey for 4th July only. (Kuala Kelawang – Home – Bukit Putus – G.Sempah – Home) -> About 350KM just for touge around 3 states in 1 day. Crazyy Babeh!

Gombak Sempah Disaster 2

Touge-G Editor


3 thoughts on “Kelawang -> Bukit Putus -> Sempah Journey

  1. mane gambo antu weh?

    Posted by shalie | July 10, 2010, 07:04
  2. antoo? mane ade eh ko ni….

    Posted by mizta | July 10, 2010, 16:30

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