Upcoming : Saturday Night Touge 24 July

Saturday Night Touge

Coming this week, on 24th of July. Touge run from Ulu Yam to Awana Genting via Batang Kali. After some chit-chat at mamak, we will heading to Bukit Tinggi, there we will go uphill at new route sector and downhill at old route if the road open. After that we back to Sempah and downhill touge to Gombak. This just touge cruise run, no battle allow. See there.

Facebook RSVP : Saturday Night Touge Run

Touge-G Editor


2 thoughts on “Upcoming : Saturday Night Touge 24 July

  1. salam..tempat kumpul kt mane beb..petronas ker..

    Posted by jak | July 19, 2010, 12:51
    • Tempat kat Shell dkt dgn Giant Batu Caves [Google Maps : 3.235058,101.68937] pkl 10pm mcm tu leh kumpul situ.. dalam pkl 10.30~40 cukup korum boleh la mulakan perjalanan 🙂

      Posted by Touge-G | July 19, 2010, 15:07

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