Midnight Touge, touge

Saturday Night Touge Run


Saturday Night Touge Run

Writing story … Once upon time in Saturday Midnite 24th July at Shell before junction to Taman Batu Muda, Gombak, the station has been crowded by various type of machines. 10 different cars was gather at Shell near Batu Muda, Gombak. There was 120y, Persona, RedBmw, KancilTurbo, Grey Neo (Works Engineering), Silver Neo, GreenIswara, GreyWira, GreenAveo, and GreySatria. Other 2 more riders of Honda Accord will joining us At Awana.

Saturday Night Touge Run Route

RSVP has been made a week before The Run, and at same time 120y changed his front tires with Yokohama Parada. In Saturday noon 24th July, I went to workshop to change out my pads with Bendix GeneralCT. There got many customers so I went to a shop to buy a drink and cigga and go round2 in the area. When back to workshop, I seen my disc was being skimmed.. OMG! I forgot to tell them not to because normally when I came to workshop i asked them to skim after a few run. After finished, I fill some petrol and went to Sempah to make it grip for Night Run.

Clock now at 10.00pm, I just back from Restaurant had dinner with my cousin. I called jasril to go first to Shell. I arrived there at 10.30pm and some member already been there and still waiting for other which on the way.  At 11.30 we at Petronas Selayang Fasa 2A to get some briefing, unfortunately there was PatrolCar stop by and start asking question and checked every rides.

We moved out from Selayang at 11.50pm to awana through Batang Kali. Jasril was leading and leave us behind, followed by Rizal & Konmei group. At the back was Zali & akat from Kansei and me had a leisure drive. When we arrived at Awana Mamak Sri Malaysia Hotel, been there a SM4 & SV4 of Honda Accord waiting for us. After chatting and had some meals, we went downhill to G.Sempah Petrol Station. This time Ryu Raiden of SV4 Accord and Jasril 120Y together ran fast to downhill. Once again Akat, zali & me just engaged cruise mode only.

At Petrol Station G.Sempah, Konmei group ask for leaving. Others was took Sempah Touge as route to home. Zali was accidently take wrong junction exit to Karak Highway. 120Y lead again chased by Rizal Neo and Ryu Raiden, and me. At behind were Akat, Zoul and Shafiq SM4. At one corner, Rizal let me & Ryu Raiden passed him to let us play with 120y. The SV4 was chased & tailgating 120Y near and made Jasril in pressure situation. But we cannot run so fast. There got motor-cub group at some corner had some fun. When everyone been at Bt12 bride, we all talked a while about moment at the touge. Then everyone back to their destination while me, Mizta, Jasril & Rizal headed to Bistro at Sri Gombak for some last meal and chit-chat. We all back home at 5.10am and get some rest then sleep. We want to thanks for all who been together Touge with us this night. Some member got new experience in this touge and someday we should arrange back Touge Run together. Full.Stop.



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