Event : Bukit Putus BallsOut – Ignition.My


Date: 7 August 2010
Time: 9.30am till 3.30pm

6 August, night before the event begin, me and jasril departed from Gombak at 11.30pm. Took Jalan Tun Razak to Highway Selatan. Ran at 110km/h along the highway to Senawang. We met Arifin, our touge member at Bukit Putus and went to Mamak to had a night meals. Then we headed to his home at Taman Tuanku Jaafar, Senawang. Arrive there, we suppose to have a rest but we not. Jasril was helping Ariffin check his Kancil L2S Turbo which it suddenly can’t start. The problem is battery too low then we jumped it by used 120y power to get the engine start. Then they ran a while at near main road to test its clutch. After subuh I get some nap while Jasril was surfing the internet and chit-chat till 8:00am. Rizal who’s also participated the event came with his wife and Mizta. They arrived at Bukit Putus early then us.

Clockt showed 8.50am and after all preparation done we moved out to the course for registration. There was some participants and spectators already been there when we arrived at 9.15am. From High-Performances to K-Car types been parking there. There was Imprezas, MX-5, RX-8, 350Z, Silvia S15, Lotus Elise, MR-2, MR-S, Civic EG & EK, 120Y, Proton Putra, Satria, Satria Neo, Wira, Honda City, Perodua Kenari and maybe some others. Shalie from Touge-R also took part in this event. Not missed the event was Zali from Kansei who’s came with his wife as spectators. Ariffin and his bro came around 2.30pm after “terbabas” sleep.

Bukit Putus start crowded with Spectators and the event was started around 9.45am. VW Scirocco as Safety-Car tooke a lead and followed by participants for first  cruise introducing of the course. Now, Bukit Putus was loud of the sounds from participants’ engine. On the first Time-Attack run, there was 1 accident involved by Black Honda Civic who’s the owner was from Pahang as he said. I don’t know the exact happened out there, from some technical support team said, right brake hose was not tight and maybe it was the cause for the incident.

The Run was stop a while at 1.20pm to had lunch time. The nearest place for lunch was at Ulu Bendol recreation area. We went there for some meals and chat while and get some rest. The run was re-continue maybe around 2.20 something like that. This time I’m noticed 1 familiar ride was joined the run. Yeah! It was the Black Satria Neo who’s we met before when the 1st time 120Y test-out Bukit Putus. From the story, the guy who’s drive the Black Satria Neo was Adian’s member and already ran at Bukit Putus since a long time and he was background in Motorsports. The evening’s Run was superb and non-stop. After arrive at finish line, we can go back to the starting line and run again and again.

Unfortunately a heavy rain was fallen around 3.30pm and 120Y didn’t have a time for his last run and back to registration area via course road. The Spectators at spectator area was took shelter under some tree and waiting for transit vehicles. Jasril try to play with water and sliding and spun in-front of spectators. Arrived at registration area, some of drivers and spectators was shelter under some tents. Then we went to an Arabic Restaurant at Senawang which lead by The Black Neo with his group for some drink and meals. After had some chats with them, Rizal & Mizta back to KL while Jasril and I  back to Ariffin house to get some rest and sleep. At 9.00pm we moved back to KL. Thanks for Ariffin and family for let us stayed for the night.

More Pictures Can be view here :


-Touge-G Editor-



7 thoughts on “Event : Bukit Putus BallsOut – Ignition.My

  1. mantap beb!! 😀 nice to have u guys at the event as well 😉

    Posted by shalie | August 9, 2010, 09:13
  2. cool! looking forward to join u guys for this kind of event. keep up the good work

    Posted by kedy9aaa | August 9, 2010, 10:08
  3. Thanx for helping me with my KancilL2s.Really appreciate it.^^

    Posted by ipin | August 9, 2010, 11:03
  4. event ni bakal buat every month ker…caya la organizer…

    Posted by jak | August 9, 2010, 12:42
  5. huhuhu
    sume nye best yg x best aku x leh nk join touge skali

    Posted by mizta | August 11, 2010, 01:36


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