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Touge Cruise of January 16′ 2011

Touge Cruise of January 16’ 2011

Evening January 15’, Amer from Bukit Putus (Senawang) posted at Touge Chat Group and ask if have any touge for that night. So, I send invitation message to all my touge contact. Mizta who’s that time at SIC for Saturday Night Fever event by ignition, says able to join. Wak Jemi and Shafiq Accord is 50-50 comfirmation. Rizal and X-Zam was also at SIC as spectator. Azim at first cannot join but at last he also came bring over his neighbors of 2 FD2R. Others was unable to participate for personal reasons. We also meet another new friend names wan (afif quarto) and apiss which drove a Kelisa. In last minute before run, 120y also came.

As usual meet-up place, we gather and chap-tea before move on to Touge Route. At 1:30am we start our engine and went to Gombak Bridge for lines-up.  By 2:25 touge cruise uphill session started. First group as usual led by Blue 120y, follow by wak jemi, mizta and ajim. Then second group which cruise led by FD2R, followed by amer, shafiq and wan.

We just went to sempah then go back downhill in same route.  Here just the only part that I able to record. On downhill, I’m the one who lead, so there is no video has been capture. That’s all to tell bye Bye.



About TakaFuji

TakaFuji a.k.a Takashi Fujiwara - Mostly know as "taka", doesn't own a car, doesn't know how to drive manual car, even doesn't know how to drive car fast because he don't have a car. What he only know is surfing, and in beginner of typing, videography and photography. Pornography is not in his area. Touge is his passion but, he also don't know drive in touge. He just sit in others touge car and watching, recording and the importance one, as a co-driver. If there are new member in touge scene, he will guide him about the touge and some basic knowledge. He is friendly but remember he also "psychopath" Long Live Touge


5 thoughts on “Touge Cruise of January 16′ 2011

  1. weh kelisa… 🙂

    Posted by am | January 18, 2011, 00:19
  2. awatnya.. hehe.. our new prenz 🙂

    Posted by Takashi The Editor | January 18, 2011, 05:04
  3. aik? xde pic or video?

    Posted by amer7570 | January 19, 2011, 02:46
  4. wahhhh that 120Y is super fast o.O
    nice battle^^

    I received your invitation that night but sorry I cant make it since I had to return to work that night 😦

    Maybe some other time 😉

    Posted by Ryo | January 21, 2011, 16:06

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