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The Fallen of Ego’Man

helo Everybody.. Ahh.. it’s been long time since last update.. Here we go again another Touge Topic. I has set-up a Fun Drive to Bukit Tinggi via old Route since we  not visit there for long period. As usual we met-up at Touge Bistro. I’m the first one who arrived with Botak Aliff. While waiting for others, i send out last invitation to my phone contact. Some of members has arrive and we start chat about past event. A few minutes later, i got received call from “Abang Der”. He asked me about the run, and i told him infor and route for that nite and told him it just Fun-Fun Drive and Cruise to Bukit Tinggi. He seem so excited from what i heard his voice. He was confirmed to come. Once he arrive, only him greeting us while his 2 mates stayed in the car. I ask him to invite his friend to have some drink and chat with us, but he told they just want tostay in the car.

Image from Tougethon Fraser's Archive

While 120y driver wanna shake hand with him, he just ignore 120y and back to car. Ouch! What a bad attitude. Actually, the story was start from our past Tougethon from Gombak to Fraser Hill which he also be part of it for first time. He drove a Proton Iswara Aeroback with Evolution 3 Engine with 4 semi slick Bridgestone RE-01R. On that run, he had a little crash at a little tight corner bridge, tore up his bumper. Then he blame our member the front car, Proton Satria Neo for too much braking and he scold that the front car drive like a drunk man and our car or low performance compare to his car. He also humiliate 120y tires which so poor and broken for drive. Most of our friend are mad with him. The front car pissed off and drove back home while others continue the journey.

Abang Derr a.k.a Eric – Drive a Red Proton Iswara Turbo(evo3 engine). Totally arrogant and have bad attitude. From his story, always went up to Genting Highland via Highway to peak. He also claimed that he won a wangan with BlueImp at MEX.

I bet for this session he already okay and able to be friendly with us, but he still with his ego attitude and i felt regret for send invitation message to him. Ahh.. since he already here, what to do. Just let it be. Then we moved out to rendezvous. i was riding in Angelic while Botak Aliff ride with SilverSurfer. At rendezvous point, i thought 120y will lead the pack, but suddenly The Red Iswara of Abang Derr came ahead to lead. Oh! I already felt something not good here. Abang Derr was lead the pack followed by BlueMamba(120Y), Angelic(Satria) and SilverSurfer(SagaAeroback). So this will be a group A. At the back in group B i dont know the lines up. Seem to be Afif Quarto who’s ride Kelisa lead Group B followed by other, Amer BumbleBusuk, RedBeauty(ajim), Capik Accord,  Muz K-Pop, MatGen from Kansei, Azham SNC-Com Orange Neo, The Sibling with Yellow Satria, Hafis Quarto City, and Allen which ride on Motorcycle.

The dogfight keep running for 8 minutes before the Fallen of Ego’man (abang Derr). The shit happened at Laguna Seca turn alike after Telecommunication Tower continuous turn. Abang Derr has been trick by that turn and fall into ravine. The car was flip back and fall about 30~40metres. He was so lucky his car was stuck on 2 tree and some bamboos. Normally at the same scene, car will fallen to 100-150metres deep and only can be pull by crane. The driver and passenger are safe, rear passenger had little injured which broken on his arm.

The BlackMamba had radio set and called for Tow Truck which came from Setapak. All work has been done by Jasril and his tow crews and finish at 4:15am. Azroy who’s just came back from Campro Touge Run stop-by and watched the scene. Also there, Amir White Saga came from Awana. There was some of us get to back home while others who’s still free climb.up to Awana Mamak. Narrator END.

Touge-G Official Touge-R

a Story from friend met Abang Derr car at genting hill climb

Jonard says :  “that time i was on the way up to genting with my friend,then i overtook him as he was driving so slow near the guard house there,i didnt really notice his intercooler until i heard the wastegate’s noise..then he tailgated me like he really …need to poop,i was driving my stock neo,nothing i can do,so let him go,but i still managed to catchup with him as he understeer every exit of corner,sampai RIA apartment we both stopped at the side of road and started talking,he said im very lansi cause i overtook him,i was like wtf???=.= and kept going on with how terror his setup is and stuff,i was actually ignoring him the whole time haha thats how we met. ”

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TakaFuji a.k.a Takashi Fujiwara - Mostly know as "taka", doesn't own a car, doesn't know how to drive manual car, even doesn't know how to drive car fast because he don't have a car. What he only know is surfing, and in beginner of typing, videography and photography. Pornography is not in his area. Touge is his passion but, he also don't know drive in touge. He just sit in others touge car and watching, recording and the importance one, as a co-driver. If there are new member in touge scene, he will guide him about the touge and some basic knowledge. He is friendly but remember he also "psychopath" Long Live Touge


10 thoughts on “The Fallen of Ego’Man

  1. Abang derr bernasib baik. err.. apa crita keta tu? masuk kedai hafkat mana dah?

    Posted by Abang Lie | July 30, 2011, 00:29
  2. good riddance for a bad driver. nasib baik tak mampus…eh silap, lagi baik kalau mampus terus dari terus2an nyusahkan orang (abes tu tak lama lagi body wira dgn enjin Evo3 siap, mesti dia sambung lagi perangai annjing dia tu)..

    Posted by Pk Lo | October 1, 2011, 18:30
  3. aiya how i wish abang derr would have died.. we need less of these monkeys driving around on the roads..

    Posted by anonymous | November 27, 2011, 02:57
  4. good lesson for ya… muahahaha

    Posted by yen_ef9 | September 2, 2012, 18:13
  5. man those were some terrible lines he was taking……

    Posted by Justin Leong | July 2, 2013, 01:28

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