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Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day

Event Name   :           Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day

Organizer       :           Wheelspin Malaysia Motorsports Group

Date/Day        :           September 25’ 2011 / Sunday

Time               :           0900 – 1700

Venue             :           StarFresh Agro Park, Bukit Putus, Kuala Pilah, N. Sembilan

Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day


Bukit Putus was crawled again, but not by accident cases or mistic phenomena. After ‘Bukit Putus Charity Challenge’ event succesfully done last April. Last Sunday September 25’, Wheelspin Malaysia Motorsports Group held a Track Day for Motorsport enthusiast. An RSVP at facebook has been created by Mr. Jeet from Wheelspin and received many feedback from motorsport enthusiast and fans.


Midnite before the day, same as we done before for BPCC last April. Again, touge enthusiast having a BBQ session on peak of Bukit Putus road. But there was some slack from Touge-G which we forgot to bring along charcoal due to some mis-communication within members. But that doesn’t stop us for had a Chicken BBQ which prepared by Cikgu Rafidi. We collected some dead twigs nearby and started lit-up the fire. Yeah! We all made it at last, but.. the fire could not be control and for first serve, we had some slightly charred chicken. Haha.. But still tastes good rite.

BBQ Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day

After finished the bbq session, we sat by the road and had chit-chat. Cikgu Rafidi quite friendly and nice person. He shared a lot of story and experience with us. Mostly members there love the way he talking while some two or three members wandering around doing own thing.. (=.=)!. After a while, I lend Hafis cars for solo run up and down accompany by Alif Botak. Eh.. Taka drove a manual car?? Hehe.. Yes I can drive, but still a bit awkward on shifting, acceleration and braking. On the experience drove hafis car, I can feel that the car had a problem on its clutch due to a bit slipped when shift & accelerate. It was a Proton Satria 1.3 also had overheat problem which the temperature easily increase even on downhill session. When I finished my solo session, they was prep for touge session. Haha.. We had touge session together before took some rest. Mizta who’s came with Acap want headed back to Gombak, erhh!! I still hungry then ask him for some meals at Dataran Senawang before he back home.

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While “lepak” and had our meals, suddenly heavy rain falls to the Earth. Omaigoat!! What happen to our friends who’s stays at Bukit Putus?? Kudut called and told that there were at Petronas station  for shelter. Finished our meals of Roti Canai we headed to Petronas looking for them. Eh! Where were they? Just spotted their ride only. We head-up to Buki Putus to check others, Oh! Some members stay at peak in the car and tent. Ahh.. Felt tired already, we took a nap in the car for a while wait for the rain to stop.

BBQ Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day - Lepak Session

Morning of September 25’ was cloudy and the tarmac was very wet. The clock showed 7.30am, we went to Ulu Bendul for hygene and breakfast before went to StarFresh Agro Park for the event. Some participant already been there early, had their breakfast at Restaurant at StarFresh. Some members “rachun” Jasril to participate, chalie and his friend ahh ape name lupe deh also participate with 1 ride, azim which not bring his car also participate with his friend ride pon ape name eh?. Haha. Various of were partipate, from track cars to rent car(opps siapa punya tu) and not forget to mention, organizer also let motorcycles rider to particapate. There was our friends, Amir Pomen and Akat riding on motorcyles. Moment before start, Jasril was shocked, when he met his little sister, Jezz Tiena also participated the track day of Bukit Putus with Corolla KE70. He even don’t know that his sister also had passion in Motorsport.

BBQ Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day - Datsun 120Y

Marshall let all participant to had a drive-by for knowing and learn the track first. The tarmac condition were very slippery. All driver took pre-caution at every hairpins and corners especially who drove rear wheel drive car. Some of participant already spun out at some corners even in drive-by session. A Corolla AE86 drove by Ang Meng had little accident which lose his front bumper. Opps.. But he had other car to drive. Honda Ef9 if I not mistake. Ryo and kei also cannot drive consistently on that morning.. haha 3xxhp on rear wheel.. Super-slippery rite that Bukit.

About 12.30pm, the event took rest for lunch. At the same time, the tarmac started dry and it good for all participant. Evening session pretty amazing. Marshall approved for duo run if both driver agree. Spectators also enjoy the scenario, driver started get more confident to throttle and do let braking at some corners. Rubber smoke & screeching of tires at starting grid by some ride also cheering the scenes of Bukit Putus Hillclimb Track Day. Kudut went up to highway to recorded some video from highway. Even it was shaky to zoom-in from far. The video is acceptable and nice bro. I  also had an experience to be as passenger in Jezz Tiena ride. It’s 1.3 Corolla, she had a talent but there still some skill need to polish to be more great women driver. Good manuever around the hairpin and she know how to control the car. J

Ahh.. the time was 3.15, my body started weak and my mind was blurry. I wandering around the scene alone. Don’t know what to do, even what to capture. Damn! Event finished around 4.40pm. By 5.00pm some of participant start headed back to their destination. The event was great and succesful. Oyeah.. !! Video is uploading.. don’t know when will finish pulak. First try was failed, and I hope it will not failed again. .. allrite.. end of notary.


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