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Alif Botak Go To School

Alif Botak.. been with us since the early birth of Touge-G. Now he took the wheel for spin at Sempah Downhill. He done 3 times touge for uphill session and never do for downhill yet. Today is Sunday, the day of Awal Muharam so it’s public holiday fo next Monday. We went to Batu 12 … Continue reading

Need For Speed : The Run

Reality Life and Digital Maya is difference kind of World. Driving experience in life and electronic games. Yeah that what we gonna tell today. New Need For Speed franchise called as The Run has been released to market a week ago. What gonna i’m tell you, i already had a copy and installed it on … Continue reading

Back to the Backyard – 120Y Blue Mamba

Blue Mamba has been sick and now cannot move at all after the engine “blown” on the way back back from Sempah about a month ago. Currently stay at Jasril Backyard Garage, he do i is self. The engine has been move out from the bay and….

Little Touge Session – Episode 2

A night after Myvi Itam Run, we had another call for touge. It’s Saturday Night Babeh! On the same night, some friends frome Touge-R and HCCC had an Halloween Bukit Putus which planned by Kudut. Kudut and Allen is now official member’s of Touge-R which now the group just woke-up from sleep and become cheerful … Continue reading


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