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Santa Cruize ’11

December 25′ 2011 – Santa Cruize Everyone been gathered at Al-Esfan Bistro(Touge Bistro) near Giant Batu Caves. Mizta came with others 2 cars which we greet them at Gombak Bridge. At the begining,the night was cloudy and there was sign that rain will fall. Uphill session 3 cars with semi-slick which used Achiles 123 & … Continue reading

8C Competizione | Bathurst : Gaming on NFS Shift 2

Rain, Heavy rain, Heavy windy.. Continuous day by day.. Oh.. Not a good season for Touge driver. Haihh!! What to do.. Don’t want take big risk to held an event for this bad season. Surely call for bad situation and incident. But sometimes i also went up to the mountain had cruise slow drive. Yeah. … Continue reading

Genting Sempah Phenomenon

Okay guys, as stats in Newspapers couple of days earlier, our touge spot now currently in big bad shape. Non-stop heavy rain made 2 possibility dangerous turn had landslide and tarmac become crack day by day. Gombak Public Works Department said, one lane has been opened back after clean up messy thing has been done. … Continue reading

Our New Youtube Channel

Hoping for our old youtube channel back alive just a dream only. I don’t know when will they release back our account. Since then, i already have another backup Youtube Channel. It’s called “Touge Channel“.I will upload old video that still have inside my HDD if i have times. 🙂

Youtube Account Banned!!

Helo Everyone, I bring a good news for today, our Youtube Channel now has been Banned due to multiple violation on Copyright infringement. All our touge videos has been wiped-out and The youtube account cannot be access. That’s what i want to tell you all now. Thank You.


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