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Wilayah Day – Morning Touge Exercise

Wilayah Day from Wikipedia :

We didn’t plan this morning session, Afdhal who’s the one who spoke up when he had some twitter chat between Syawal. Then he posted invitation for who might join the Wilayah Day Morning Session. Five cars checked-in at Gerai SMK Teknik Gombak. We headed to Gombak Bridge then climb session started around 11:30am.

Belalang Tempur lead this climb session, followed by Silver Kelisa. Sathiyah and Epa at back had cruise drive, since Sathiyah had problem with his clutch. Syawal with his black Satria who’s started last catch-up with 2 cameras recording the whole scenes with his I-Phone and Bro Reed GoPro HD. Then he passed Epa and Sathiyah and catch-up with Belalang Tempur and Silver Kelisa for video recording  then he lead the climb session.

Video Uphill Session from Syawal :

Then we stopped after G.Sempah workshop for some photoshoot and chat before continue had some drink at R&R. One of the topics we chat about, was about a lady with his boyfriend who’s sat about 2 tables from us. Her boyfriend noticed that we’all starred at his girlfriend. We also had some photos of the lady.haha..

Finished drink and Lepak session, after re-fuel, we continue back for Downhill Session.Once again, afdhal lead, and ran away from others, Sathiyah started second cruised followed by Epa with his Black Persona, Taka drove Kelisa Silver and Black Satria of Syawal at back record scenes. Despite cruising of Sathiyah, Epa which first time drove at Gombak-G.Sempah overtook Sathiyah at Shalie Curve, after the turn, Silver Kelisa overtook then followed Epa. Syawal still stayed behind for video record, just wait to overtake. Taka who’s still didn’t sleep night before, had chilled with Silver Kelisa and had some chit-chat to avoid get into sleep while driving. While chat, reached at Evo-8 C turn, suddenly Epa oversteered. He was pulled e-brake while enter the turn, late to release back and the car turn sideways . huhu.

Downhill Session Video from Syawal

We all reach Gombak Bridge safely and back to everyone destination. I Arrived home at 4.30pm, after prayer, i went to sleep with my bantal ucuk. huhu


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TakaFuji a.k.a Takashi Fujiwara - Mostly know as "taka", doesn't own a car, doesn't know how to drive manual car, even doesn't know how to drive car fast because he don't have a car. What he only know is surfing, and in beginner of typing, videography and photography. Pornography is not in his area. Touge is his passion but, he also don't know drive in touge. He just sit in others touge car and watching, recording and the importance one, as a co-driver. If there are new member in touge scene, he will guide him about the touge and some basic knowledge. He is friendly but remember he also "psychopath" Long Live Touge


One thought on “Wilayah Day – Morning Touge Exercise

  1. Nice report 🙂 Bantal ucuk eh?

    Posted by Syawal Ahmad | February 4, 2012, 06:15

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