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Malaysia Race of Champions 2012 – A Day at Speed City Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Race Of Champions 2012 Speed City Kuala Lumpur

It’s Sunday of 8th of April 2012. Nowhere to go, cinema.. town, hill road.. or watching TV and sleep. Ahh Boooring. In early morning at 1:16am i told botak alif about the Motorsports event. Malaysia Race of Champions organize by Wheelspin Malaysia Motorsport. I ask him about to go or not to.

Now it’s 11:00am.. arghh!! Lazy to wake up.. Botak already sent me a sms. haha.. i tol him we go at 12:30pm. Grab camera and phone to charge. Damn both of them battery almost out. Went to my computer and check out some news, the event of MROC already started.  Clock showed 12:00pm, i called botak but no answer from him, then called his house number, his dad answer..

Taka : “Helo a’kum, boleh bercakap dgn alif”

Botak Dad : “Alif.. haa.. dia tido.. nak cakap dgn dia ke?”

Taka : ” Pak cik boleh kejot kan dia tak, sbb pkl 12.30 nnti nk keluar”

Botak Dad : “Lipp!!! Bangun.. kawan kau call  ni.. pkl 12.30 nak keluar kan.. lippp bangunn”

Then i end the call.. went to hygiene my body under shower..Applied some Palmolive Aroma Therapy gel  with spongebob.. Ahh Feel freshieee.. cap cap cap cap cap.. opps! At 12:30pm i called botak again..

Taka : helo.. aliff ada??

Botak Dad : Alip kat tandas.. tgh melaborrr.. nanti dia telepon balik

Taka : haha ye ke.. okey2.. (it took more than half an hour)

We Just Arrived

At 1:00pm botak reach my home, then we moved out by moto kapcai to Speed City via MRR2.. vroooomm.. So hot today.. with underpower kapcai feel like the journey to reach Sg.Besi too long. I Don’t know what time we arrived there, the event just continue after break for lunch. Started recording using my Sony Ericsson Live Walkman phone. and captured images using Samsung NX10. Botak behind me also snap thing and filming MROC scene with his phone.. Machines that participate in this event was from little Kelisa drove by Women driver to Monster V8 Skyline R32. Then met with my school friends of SMK Taman Melati Hilmi, Syafik and Ashiri which also from Konmei Motorsports group. While i just part of Street Sport. muahaha

About half and hour later, we met Zali and his wife, had some little chit chat before continue back shooting car porn action. Damn! I really love this thing, every participant try their best to get title Champion of Champions. I not sure about this competition grouping, it’s combining racer from Drift, Autocross/khana and Rally motorsport. From my view the course layout more to autocross/khana characteristic. My prediction, it will be  driver from Autocross/khana gonna be winner. But Motorsport just not about to win. It’s about experience that we get from each race. I saw, every racers enjoy the event that day. Yeah!! It’s quite fun.

While watching the actions, i saw 2 persons walking near Ultra Racing Silvia. Haha.. it’s Azraie and Allen just arrived. Had greet with them and talk about the event. bla bla bla bla.. At around 5:45pm we went out from speed city  and head up to Mines. Botak, Allen and Azraie wanna race at arcade apa nama arcade tu.. wait i google it..haaa.. It Battle Gear 3. Finished the game, we went to had some meals at food court. Then they back home. Opps.. It’s raining.. me and botak back in to mall again.

Went to Bowling centre while wait for his girlfriend to come, we had rest on Massage chair which need to put in some notes to make it work. Arghhh.. Arghhh!.. Gelii.. hahahaha! Then Had a game of bowling before went into cinema at The Mines for Wrath of The Titans. We check-out The Mines around 12:00am then headed back to Danau Kota for some drink before back to sleep.. If i sleep lah. Haha!

Here video Compilation for the event that i shoot.. The quality just so so only. Phone recording.. don’t expect it’s brilliant HD. No Sound Effect. Just RAW Sound!

****Thanks for Organizer, Partners, Sponsors for Free Entrance! Syiokk Punya Event Nih!!****


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  1. hey… check out some of the archive video coverage of the Race of Champions.


    Posted by Five55 Production | September 28, 2012, 13:24

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