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Touge New Year – Opening Session for 2013

New Year Touge Session 2013I hope it still not late to wish you all Happy New Year 2013 even it now already entering second week of 2013. On 1st January 2013, a day of New Year, we’ve been headed to Bukit Tinggi. Since it was last minute invitation, so naturally less member will attend. That’s normal especially i bet most member stay overnite after New Year Eve.

New Year Touge  (17) New Year Touge  (4)

Amir planning for 11.00am gathered at our normal Touge Gombak spot. But well, janji melayu style, at 12:00pm everyone gathered. hehe.. Shalie [Touge-R] and Amir [Southern-Touge] was early been there, while Botak and me still at Exhaust workshop did some exhaust work to FLX. Done it around 11.15am then we headed directly to our spot. Meet shalie and Amir which already done their breakfast.

New Year Touge  (16)

While waiting for Shafiq and Wak Jemi then me and botak also ordered for Nescafe Ais and Teh Ais. In meantime waiting for Shafiq [CCMC – Accord CB/CD Malaysia Crew] and Wak Jemi on their way from Sentul, we did talk about New Year and bla bla bla..

New Year Touge  (23) New Year Touge  (19)

New Year Touge  (25)

The session begin on 12:17PM from Gombak Bridge after some photoshoot, shalie camera preparation and some little talk. Shafiq took leader flag with his Ferio Vtec, followed by Anti-Spoon White Mirage from behind and FLX was fall behind at early moment to find his rhythm of touge but then Botak catch-up back follow behind Anti-Spoon White Mirage. (kiut tak nama ni ikhikhik)

We were lucky because our way to top was easy, less traffic and cyclist. We reach top at R&R Roundabout around 12:31pm. Took little short rest and talk about our touge experience. In the same time of rest, 2 civic came by and parked not far from us (in the meantime they revving and sell ice cream loceng to us). Haha.. beneath in my heart already sense something “good” gonna be happen after that. From shalie and shafiq face already showed something. Ouh! Nice at least we gonna get something to record from my phone. haha and here we are.. Jaaageeejaangggg!!

New Year Touge  (29) New Year Touge  (31)

Okay the above video has been tell some story rite, we headed to Bukit Tinggi while them continue their journey to somewhere only they know. At Bukit Tinggi we started our climb via old back road instead of highspeed new road that demand more power and torque to have good sense of the corner.

New Year Touge  (35)

We stop by about 20 Minutes nearby Rabbit farm and same acitivity photography and talking. Before headed back to Genting Sempah for downhill home session. Shafiq was use the highway terrain instead because had something to do before met us again at Taman Melati Leha Kelfood which we rated the Expensive Malay restaurant at Taman Melati. People may judge the restaurant as normal restaurant but when the pay time don’t be shocked lah. haha. Before headed to Taman Melati we also had sometime at jungle to stop by after little cumshot by Botak. Haha.. He was had fun with e-brake at some turn before he almost hit a barrier. Huhu.. That’s what we done with our first day of Year 2013. What yours.. End of Narration

New Year Touge  (47)


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