Touge-G Official

Once upon time in border selangor and pahang, there was a route which connecting them. The route was so busy in the past but now just only been populated by a group of monkey, spiritual living and heavy vehicle who own some factories to transporting their goods.

But, the season was changed when the year  1990 came. In the middle of night which the route just like a dead trek in the jungle in past. But now it became as some festival of motoring there when holiday or weekend. A bunch of car and motorcycle choose this route as their “Place of Interest” in midnight. By the morning there were groups of cyclists do exercise and having the Nature.

There was many incident happen in this route before. If you a newcomer for this route and try to act like hero, there will be a misery within you. You maybe will hit the tree, railing or nature wall. If you were unlucky, you will found death deep 150-200 meters in ravines.

Normally people who’s share this interest name it as “Touge”.  Tōge or Touge (峠) It’s a word taken from Japanese language which in English it called “Mountain Pass”. Some people called this route as Sempah Touge and Gombak Touge, some of them called it Lintang. The geographic in this route is just medium adventure, thrill and it not steep. It’s also easy to remember after u had 3 or 4 runs in just a week. After you can memorize and understand well of this route,  you can run on this happily and relax without misery even you was lead or chase, unless there is another factor.

In 2001, a newcomers from Gombak Setia territory which just 2 friends was use this route to headed Genting Highland instead Highway Karak with Honda EX5s after 12AM. They was a guy who’s just only 14th and 15th years old. Normally they only use Karak Highway, but after everynight sniffed a smoke from Trailer and busses, and sometimes been stop for Police Roadblock at Tollm they gave the highway and seek another way to Genting. 1st route they found was UluYam, Batang Kali to Awana, after 2 trial of run with Honda EX5 via that routes, it was so exhausted and waste of time. They start know the Sempah Touge route after try and error to use that route. After the route has been explore times in 4 times in a first week by Kapcai Honda EX5. The route has been bookmarked for POI and we run there week by week and make it more fast and faster till year of 2008. The word of Touge i only know after a game publisher, Codemasters release a game names as GRID. I had download it and start play in in early 2008. After play that game i start know the name of “Touge” because have Touge mode there in that game.

In November 2008, is the first run of Jasril which bought a Datsun 120Y from some uncle at Sri Gombak. Just only wear 12inch, an stock engine Nissan A12 1.2cc with all stock we try to hike up to Genting Awana. That time we all just a newbie about driving car. Only jasril have driving experience.  “Pandu Cermat, Jiwa Selamat” been apply. The day 120y 1st time hike and use that old route, role of co-driver and cameraman been titled to me. Sometimes jasril let me drive and had fun with it. The route that you all see now was so difference at the day we start touge. There was many holes on road surface and a big at 1 S corner and the tarmac was rough that recent day and more tight. By the way, that time i forgot about the “touge” word that i learn from GRID games. What we call it “Jalan Lama (Old Road).

1 night on February 2009, I borrowed my sister’s Myvi 1.3(A) for having fun at Awana. It was my first time to drive on genting hill and sempah touge. I brought up friend with his nickname botak. So for first moment I just drive neat & nice. At Awana mamak, while we lepak for drink, there was a group of cars came to mamak. Jasril ask we wait till they finish their meal. When the time begin we just let them go 1st then we follow behind. Jasril speed-up a bit to followed their 1st group. I m just cruising for a while, botak as my co-driver start record the scenes for this run. Finishing at last post, we stop for a while, that groups continues their journey to highway.  That was our first moment “kacau” –

Arrived home I uploaded the video at youtube, and there  I know an oldtimer of 7 years experience in touge arena. Nickname on youtube is putih30 while his name was shalie. From our chat at youtube. From him also I know other groups like Kansei, Touge-R, Traffic Magazine and others. I watched their video to know is what is touge meant. Eww, the drive fast in Mountain Past. On middle month of February, Violet Proton Persona start breath on Sempah to company 120y on touge. Then newbie group Touge-G was created. . A logo has been design, and worpress been created on August 16 2009 and in the same month we also try-out Kuala Kelawang – ReadMe

Month of April 2010 there was a dude from youtube comment my video and plan to meet and join the touge, we met on 9 April at SMK Teknik for touge session. The dude is Mr Firdaus aka Mizta, while there are Shalie and his friend, Kudut Wex. The first run for  Mizta was not succeed to end of sempah because there was  incident again car no 3, mr kudut which his WEX was crash after entered Quarry Straigtway. But on tomorrow night me and Mizta repeated again for touge because he was not satisfied for unfinished ran. Botak as my co-driver take a job for recording, at sempak downhill we change our co-driver for sharing some moment and story – Storyline ->

June 19 Story, Mizta was invited Touge-G for Saturday Night Run by SNC. From this run, another member from SNC want to be a part of Touge-G Group. It was Wak Rejal or Rizal with his Silver Neo now with Amatuer Radio Antenna. He in the past was Drift Competition runner but now with Neo he can’t drift anymore but change the field to Touge. Last August, we participated to Bukit Putus BallsOut organize by Ignition.My

And Now.. End of 2010 was close, there are many members participate in touge run. We met a lot of enthusiast and share the story together. In Touge, we make friend, and from friend we gain the knowledge and from the knowledge it make we strong and BallsOut. There is a run for end of 2010 that will be select on 24Dec or 25 Dec. Meet you all there. End of story

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Some of photos Collection with others group & friends



K-Carlife | Ride to Fraser’s Hill

Datsun 120Y BlueSky Ghost

BlueSky Datsun 120Y - Jasril86Our Group, from left takashi87, botak30, hantu kepala hitam & jasril86


Touge?? Huh What Is That? Touge happening in Malaysia? Allrite here i want to explain what is TOUGE. From what i know its about a car, driver and the road that have some narrow curve / corner at mountain or hill. For more information about touge, you can find it on Its can tell you all and what is touge mean to be.

I Took the word Touge-G 1stly meant for Touge Gombak. But after has some chit-chat with my friends and others touge team, i would like to mention that that G is mean for Gravity Force. Gravity Force will produced everytime we drive a car and its extremely produce when we drive like Fast and Furious and take some highspeed corner then we will feel a gravity that make out body to turn left-right-back-ahead.


Long time ago me (Takashi87) and my friend just about like to have a weekend night at Genting Highland just to lepak and have a drink.  We both just ride same motorcycle called Honda EX-5 and its just only standard no modification because we are not a Mat Rempit (Street Bike Racer).  If i remember it happen on 6 years ago and that time i’m just 16 years old boy and was in high school. At first we went to Genting Highland through Karak Highway, but after we been summon when heading back home at Karak Toll by JPJ, we decide to take another route to Genting Highland and started know about the old road Jalan Gombak – Genting Sempah. Yeah! Of course at the 1st we both got a little fear while taking that route.  Always met some ghost over there but its okay after a month having cruise with that old road with our motorcycle and some of the ghost already be our friends. On July 2008 i think, Mr Jasril has bought his Datsun 120Y from an old guy then afterward we start going to Genting with that car and sometimes i borrowed my sister’s Perodua MyVi.  We always challenging each other who are the faster in Old Road and Genting Highland road. Then i start to search over youtube and found TeamKansei and TougeR channel.  Wah!  I amazed with their skill when took the corner, afher that the word of touge come to my life and  i go tell Jasril and Botak30 about touge thing. At the first jasril laughing to me and ask, why its Touge and Not A Tauhu like drifting in  Initial D then i gave him comparison both of touge and drift. After a moment he start to understand like to say Touge Touge Touge.. hahaha.  Start February 2009 we start touge routine as our hobby then i decide to take some name for our group. Then Touge-G Alive and everyone accepted to use that name.   Touge-G currently just has 2 cars; Datsun 120Y our top driver and Proton Persona as 2nd car. And we had just 3 member at the moment that was Jasril (120Y), Botak30 (Our Cameraman) and me Takashi87 (Persona)

Enough for tonite i writing.. its 4.57am rite now. Huh.. My baby already slept at 1.15am.  I Will Continue post new Title later when i ready to post.. hohoho.. See Ya!  Proud To Be Malaysia -5.00am 17 aug 09-

Touge-G Official


Touge-G Editor


25 thoughts on “Touge-G Official

  1. tree stooges wkakakaka

    Posted by botak30 | August 18, 2009, 22:47
  2. tree stoogess kekekekkee

    Posted by botak30 | August 18, 2009, 22:49
  3. wow! i amaze with u guys. can someone else join ur tuogeing?

    Posted by amirul | November 11, 2009, 22:10
  4. tougeing. hehehe

    Posted by amirul | November 11, 2009, 22:10
  5. hi amirull salam,

    yeah.. we accept other people to join us as long we share the experience of touge.. hehehe.. alang2 dah nama melayu.. mari kite bercakap dalam bahas melayu ;p

    Posted by tougeg | November 12, 2009, 00:00
  6. hoho… for ur info, kte ni lbh kurang saing2 baya u guys. 1988.
    hebat gak u all touge kat jln gombak lame. dulu pnah lyn sorg2 c tu. alih2 bang bukit time downhill. hancur kete. alhamdulillah selamat.
    u guys slalu ke touge ujung minggu? seriously, u guys mmg touge malaysia style. maksud sye, u guys x overshow mcm certain group u teragak poyo(sorry to say dat, but its reality). u guys terror but still rendah diri. datz malaysian style. i like it! takashi87 ade wat modification kat persona ke? steady je amik high speed corner. sye, lum try lyn jln hill lg, coz blum ae mse. tp stakat karak highway. ade gak. i am surprise wit persona performance.

    Posted by amirul | November 12, 2009, 19:02
  7. taw.. ade check kat facebook.. ala.. x yah arr bang2 tuu.. hihi.. relax je.. wat mcm kawan.. ala.. kitorang xde arr hebat mane pon.. ade lg otai2 yg lalu situ.. lg pon kitorang baru je menceburi bidang ni mase bulan feb 2009 lepas.

    mcm sebelum ni zaman skolah selalu arr nek moto jalan2 cari hantu.. hihihi..
    touge kitorang x tetap.. depend gak.. kadang2 cde plan teros shoot sane.. makan angin selalu la malam2

    wat mase skrg ni.. persona xde wat ape modification.. suma standard kedai je, kewangan xde lg.. relax dulu.. maybe next year ada sikit buat kot..
    persona ni kalau manual perfomance dia okay arr.. Start RPM 5000 x silap dia powerr.. hihi.. baru je perasan.. sblm ni men tekan je..

    Posted by tougeg | November 12, 2009, 22:21
  8. wah… kire kebetulan dpt jd fan awal la ni. huhu. owh like dat. tp u guys kre expert ape. gne kete std, leh lyn corner mcm tu. ble nak terbabas, leh counter blk. u guys pnah touge time ujan? FYI, i’m a persona owner also. M-line manual gearbox. (~.~) huhu. for a RM50k car, me tabik proton! value for money. tp syg, time nak bli persona aritu, blum ade CPS version. kalo ade, pergh! superb! but, bersyukur gak pake IAFM ni, sye ade gak belasah kete2 besar mcm BMW 325,Honda EG n EK,BMW 530di… n several kete yg kebetulan menghalang perjalanan sye ke kelas or nak blk ke rumah. hehehe. mmg leh thn persona ni.

    Posted by amirul | November 13, 2009, 08:53
  9. drive persona xmcm japanase car biasa. engine campro dicipta seakan2 engine europe. kalo nak maintain power die, try maintain RPM atas 3300rpm n tekan accelerator pedal rythm. contoh, 2nd gear, rpm 3000, tekan pedal minyak quarter,hold bout 1second n slam pedal to the end. try n see. u will feel the difference

    Posted by amirul | November 13, 2009, 12:33
  10. hihi.. aku mcm bab engine tu kurang taw sket.. tp ko kira hebat gak ar.. mcm2 kereta dah drive.. mcm auto ni payah sket.. bila masuk gear 3, dia panjang sgt.. so pwer pon byk loss. takat ni penah gak arr bawk Renaul19 convert familia V8 turbo.. tp time tu baru habiss skolah la.. lepas tu try out jiran aku ounye eg4 kat jalan gombak tu.. x biasa plak aku men v-tec ni.. penah skali dia ajak test v-tec b16b type dia dgn persona standard aku g climb genting. dia bg mmber dia yg pro bawak,, last2 sudah berpusing time highspeed corner.. aku tgh cucuk blakang dia nsib baik smpat elak.. nasib baik2 dua2 tak langgar.. haha..

    ko ni kira hebat gak.. baru study pon dah ada kereta sendrii.. salute sama ko

    Posted by tougeg | November 13, 2009, 22:33
  11. “sye ade gak belasah kete2 besar mcm BMW 325,Honda EG n EK,BMW 530di… n several kete yg kebetulan menghalang perjalanan sye ke kelas or nak blk ke rumah.”, maksudnye aku race ngan owner2 kete tu. gne persona je blh belasah kete2 besar. tau trick nak kawal persona, mmg terserlah power die. terus terpersona. hehehe

    pergh, renault19 tu… geng2 ngan peugeot 405, citroen ZX n citroen Xantia… kete2 ni dikenalkan pd time yg lebih kurang sme pd awal 90-an. blh masuk eyh engine V8? rsenye renault19 nye engine compartment kecik gak. engine v-tech jenis engine main high rev. v-tech fully function above 4700rpm(based from kete sedara yg aku penah test). HP tinggi, but Tourqe xtinggi mne. tu psl slh technic, V-tech leh terbabas. lg2 jln berbukit coz engine break xkuat sgt. lain mcm campro, HP rendah, tourqe tinggi. so main kat bukit pun best coz ble nak drop speed, engine break kuat gak.

    bout automatic gear box, mmg xleh nak aspect byk coz gear rationye lg pnjg from manual. datz why engine terasa loss power, coz high load from gearbox. kalo auto persona ade 5-speed, lg power. lg best kalo equiped ngan shifttronic. pergh, lg syok! mcm savvy. cme savvy ade lag time shift gear.

    nasib baik la kete ko ade ABS, kalo x, mau melekat n menari2 atas jln tu. mesti reflect ko cepat.

    aku xde la expert sgt bab engine kereta. ckit2 tau gak. ko salute, aku tunduk. hehehe. kete blum jd milik aku 100%. selagi tgh belajar, my dad byr. once dah abis belaja. sambung sendri. time tu, baru leh kate kereta sendri. ko pun xkurang hebatnye, tgh study dah pake kereta. H-line lakz tu. lg mhl dr aku. why xamik neo CPS?

    Posted by amirul | November 13, 2009, 23:57
  12. Can newbie tag along too ? ^oo^

    Posted by badtzmark | December 19, 2010, 13:59
  13. salam… huh for the long journey and began with upload video into utube, u just been introduce to touge world 🙂 different ppl and different entrance to coming this world~ i just finish reads ur storyboard above taka..make me so excited and entertain too. just u and jasril only started leading this group and develop until now as touge-G as well~ congratulation ^^ wht i can say, the touge world is far different..once we entry here, only we can sense how much u getting excited with touge~ me from HCCC with thanx lot to taka for adding my group as the touge clan here ^^ nice to meet you all~ proud to b malaysian too

    Posted by azrians | March 12, 2011, 03:29
    • It’s not long enough compare to other oldtimer touge runner in Malaysia. Touge-G was born on february 2009, now 2011 already and Touge-G is 2 Years Old :). Firstly when we record the scene of touge for 120y and persona, just want to show off only, just for 2-3 video, then we get start this activity more exciting, then start record with compact camera and HD-handy-cam edit and upload to youtube main purpose to attract and get more friend in touge. My work is not going to waste, week by week, month by month and year by year, new friend and newcomer for touge came. Share information, gain knowledge, run, fun and pain together. Wee took our friends motto, Touge For Friendship and no any gambling with money here. hohoho!

      Posted by Takashi The Editor | March 14, 2011, 00:13
  14. hahah yeahh! i agree with gambling with money either girl too ha3 😀
    but its really exciting to get more and more friends such like this because we together because one purpose ~ share the same interest he3.. hope touge-G will be more growth and matured and last to become otai hahaha~ now still 2 years old right need a longer journey and so hccc too haha “setahun jagung”~ haa~ i discuss with amir and maybe i’ll attend next upcoming touge event he2..tumpang dia ~wuhoo can’t wait to join up together !!

    Posted by azrians | March 14, 2011, 02:38
  15. hi all…soon, ‘tougeing’ will b an international event… as of now, more than 8 locations dat are identified as ‘excellent touge route’.. lets update each other ya…

    Posted by nottie eddie | April 27, 2011, 12:58
  16. hahaha…i’m ok bro… still replenishing energy of all d hardwork on Bukit Putus… next round is in discussion… and i wanna make it bigger than ever.. support us k.. 🙂 we need d grass roots to bring it further in tougeing!! ….and dis time.. punctuality is a MUST!! hehehe…

    Posted by nottie eddie | May 1, 2011, 18:33
  17. Taka, nak join Touge-G boleh? 😀

    Posted by Muzaffar Musa | July 15, 2011, 12:30
  18. woo no more update ke,
    lama sangat da ni xda update

    Posted by Hazziq Khalizan | July 16, 2011, 21:20
  19. Salam buat semua.. sy zainor dari bangi.. mcm best je touge nih.. mcm mana nak join?

    Posted by Mohd Zainorfitri | August 21, 2011, 20:22

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