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Oh! I Missed It – WRC 2 The Game

WRC 2 – FIA World Championship Rally 2011, the game that i missed to try. It’s been released last year Oct 2011, but i just know it tonight when i went to PC Cyber-cafe. I took a try of this game, with this custom difficulty setting, as normal, i set all assist to OFF. The … Continue reading

Need For Speed World

Helo Guys and Gegurls!!! Haha.. Happy evening everyone, huh to day i would like to share about this Online Game called as Need For Speed World. i just finished registered this game. It is PLAY for FREE Online Game but you will need some extra $$ if want buy some special add-on from it’s market … Continue reading

Time Attack : Gaming @ Home – Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

Gaming! Huh.. It’s been a while i don’t play this game. The Need For Speed franchise, Shift 2 Unleashed. Some people said it is Simulator but some don’t. For me it’s kinda part of simulator. I’ve been try some simulator game since school,for example TOCA, LFS, RFactor, WTCC, F1 99-02 and many else. At first … Continue reading

8C Competizione | Bathurst : Gaming on NFS Shift 2

Rain, Heavy rain, Heavy windy.. Continuous day by day.. Oh.. Not a good season for Touge driver. Haihh!! What to do.. Don’t want take big risk to held an event for this bad season. Surely call for bad situation and incident. But sometimes i also went up to the mountain had cruise slow drive. Yeah. … Continue reading


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