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Pembongkaran Misteri Hantu Bukit Putus

Jalan lama yang jarang diguna pakai biasanya akan dikaitkan dengan kehidupan misteri, mistik, seram, berhantu dan sebagainya. Sudah pastinya jalan lama Bukit Putus yang kini tidak lagi digunakan oleh pemandu tempatan mungkin menyingkap pelbagai kisah sejuta satu malam. Selepas beroperasinya jalan baru yang lebih mesra pengguna, kini jalan lama Bukit Putus hanya digunakan sedikit atau … Continue reading

Massive Crashed : Ravine, Myvi and Fun Drive

I would like to inform that we had a massive downhill crashed, which the silver Perodua Myvi drove by Iwan and Taka as co.driver has fallen into deep ravine which something about 150m to 180m on 3:19am last early morning of Wednesday October 26′ 2011 at Sempah Downhill session a.k.a Jalan Lama Karak This Video … Continue reading

The Fallen of Ego’Man

helo Everybody.. Ahh.. it’s been long time since last update.. Here we go again another Touge Topic. I has set-up a Fun Drive to Bukit Tinggi via old Route since we  not visit there for long period. As usual we met-up at Touge Bistro. I’m the first one who arrived with Botak Aliff. While waiting … Continue reading

Touge Crashed February 20′ 2010

There is no plan for touge in midnight of Feb 20. I just came by to Bistro located near Sri-Gombak/BtCaves. There are Inspira and Neo members lepak together in same table. There was Azroy & Mizta together with them so i just join together lepak2 minum kopi. After salam and greeting each other, there comes … Continue reading

Santa Cruize Touge Run 2010

Santa Cruize Touge Run 2010 Date : December 24/25 2010 Time 11.30PM – 5.00AM Location : Gombak – Genting Sempah The Run was planned 2 weeks before Christmas by me. 12 rides been participated in this event and its was the last touge for 2010. Rides in this event was 120y, Turbo and N/A Kancil, … Continue reading


MIDNITE TOUGETHON 2010 Date : 8 October 2010 (11.30pm) – 9 October 2010 4.00AM Route : Ulu Yam – Kuala Kubu – Fraser’s Hill – Raub – Bentong – Sempah Attended : Monster 120Y, Violet Persona, Mizta Neo, Aiman Neo,Malcolm Citroen,  Zoul Kancil, AD Resort, Red Iswara Evo3, Botak, Allen, Munir, As usual, met-up loc … Continue reading


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