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Pembongkaran Misteri Hantu Bukit Putus

Jalan lama yang jarang diguna pakai biasanya akan dikaitkan dengan kehidupan misteri, mistik, seram, berhantu dan sebagainya. Sudah pastinya jalan lama Bukit Putus yang kini tidak lagi digunakan oleh pemandu tempatan mungkin menyingkap pelbagai kisah sejuta satu malam. Selepas beroperasinya jalan baru yang lebih mesra pengguna, kini jalan lama Bukit Putus hanya digunakan sedikit atau … Continue reading

Ken Goblok – Satria Neo S2000 SS4 Fraser

Beautiful evening at Fraser Hill. Check this out ->

WRC 3 : Proton Satria Neo S2000

WRC 3 The Game : Just release a week ago, what brought me to this game because of my proud Malaysia Rally machine, The Proton Satria Neo S2000 by Proton Motorsports. After finished installed it, i leave it for a while because got some work to be done. A few hours later, some friends ask … Continue reading

Oh! I Missed It – WRC 2 The Game

WRC 2 – FIA World Championship Rally 2011, the game that i missed to try. It’s been released last year Oct 2011, but i just know it tonight when i went to PC Cyber-cafe. I took a try of this game, with this custom difficulty setting, as normal, i set all assist to OFF. The … Continue reading

Malaysia Touge Network at Speed City KL

Last Saturday Night, September 8′ 2012, Malaysia Touge Network group went to  Saturday Night Drift Assault , Speed City Kuala Lumpur to be Car Parade. The image above is only little crew of MTN, there still a lot out there who’s not able to come since the limitation of 12 cars from Speed City organizer. … Continue reading

Malaysia Independance Day Merdeka Touge Fun Drive

Another last minute plan of touge, i sent invitation at Touge-G  and MTN group page called everybody who had nothing to do on Merdeka Eve. I thought with this last minute called, only little members join, but there more than 10 cars arrived at Gombak Bridge. As normal, some of member gathered at Touge Bistro to … Continue reading


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