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Ramadhan Touge Session 2013

Hey Guys! We Back on the scene last August 3rd 2013 after a long hiatus we were silent from any activity almost a year. Here we are now in end of Ramadhan and last day for muslim to fast. An activity has been upped by TakaFuji in 31st of July 2013 for an RSVP for … Continue reading

Malaysia Election Day Touge Drive

Ahh It’s May 2013 already, how long since i’ve been stop writing touge expedition for a while. Okay we got new event lately, 5th May of 2013. The Election Day of Malaysia, here my tagline for the day “forget about politic issues, let touge with us” Pilihanraya Touge Drive by Malaysia Touge Network crews – The weather … Continue reading

Awesome Powered | Bukit Putus Touge Recon

Last Sunday morning May 6′ 2012, some members in Malaysia Touge Network has been came down to Bukit Putus for Touge Recon by Awesome Powered group. Wak Jemi who’s the one who should join us unable to attend since his son was little sick that day. I went from from KL around 9:15 with Shafiq … Continue reading

Santa Cruize ’11

December 25′ 2011 – Santa Cruize Everyone been gathered at Al-Esfan Bistro(Touge Bistro) near Giant Batu Caves. Mizta came with others 2 cars which we greet them at Gombak Bridge. At the begining,the night was cloudy and there was sign that rain will fall. Uphill session 3 cars with semi-slick which used Achiles 123 & … Continue reading

K-Carlife | Ride To Fraser’s Hill

K-CARLIFE | RIDE TO FRASER’S HILL 2011 Saturday | May 21′ 2011 Ride to Fraser’s Hill, located in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor, Malaysia by KCARLIFE succesfully finished. A week before the event, Zoul Kapan invited me as co-driver and photographer. Night before the event, i ask Botak to accompany me for photoshoot. I was planned … Continue reading

Touge Cruise of January 16′ 2011

Touge Cruise of January 16’ 2011 Evening January 15’, Amer from Bukit Putus (Senawang) posted at Touge Chat Group and ask if have any touge for that night. So, I send invitation message to all my touge contact. Mizta who’s that time at SIC for Saturday Night Fever event by ignition, says able to join. … Continue reading


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