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Ken Goblok – Satria Neo S2000 SS4 Fraser

Beautiful evening at Fraser Hill. Check this out ->

Touge | 峠 : Fun Drive | Oct 15′ 2011 | 楽しいドライブ

Helo everybody | Touge | 峠 : Fun Drive | Oct 15′ 2011 | 楽しいドライブ Yeah! It’s been a while i’m not update on our night touge session, a lot of night touge session i’ve been miss to write the report.. Ahh! Past is Past. Now i’m writing back while listening into Armin Van Buuren … Continue reading

Evening Touge Crawler | G.Sempah

What?? In Evening!!! haha.. Normally we do an activity on midnite. but this time a bit difference. At first, i plan for solo run for Evening July 17′ 2011. But what in my mind, surely it’s gonna be a boring evening. I text all friends in my touge contact. At 4.50pm i move out with … Continue reading

Touge Crashed February 20′ 2010

There is no plan for touge in midnight of Feb 20. I just came by to Bistro located near Sri-Gombak/BtCaves. There are Inspira and Neo members lepak together in same table. There was Azroy & Mizta together with them so i just join together lepak2 minum kopi. After salam and greeting each other, there comes … Continue reading

Touge Cruise of January 16′ 2011

Touge Cruise of January 16’ 2011 Evening January 15’, Amer from Bukit Putus (Senawang) posted at Touge Chat Group and ask if have any touge for that night. So, I send invitation message to all my touge contact. Mizta who’s that time at SIC for Saturday Night Fever event by ignition, says able to join. … Continue reading

Mizta – Teluk Bahang Touge Check

Date : December 10′ 2010 Time : 12:20 AM Route : Teluk Bahang Touge On friday night of December 10′, Mizta and his girlfriend which at Penang for attended a Wedding Ceremony of their friends went up to Teluk Bahang for doing a Touge Check. Rides on ButterFlower Neo CPS equipped with 4 Bridgestone RE-001 … Continue reading


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