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Morning Touge Session + Vaux RS Sunday Drive

Not many shot i took today from my phone. Story : Today we planned a touge run from Gombak to Bukit Tinggi via our most choice touge route, Old Road Gombak – G.Sempah before head to Wedding Ceremony of our Touge friend, Mohd Alif. In early morning i got notification from facebook that Michael Lee participated in a … Continue reading

November Night Run by Hafis Moncet

Damn i forgot to update about this one. Set-up on 23 November. About 24 participated that night. From little Perodua Viva to Large size Honda Accord SV4 and VW Jetta. Here come the video..

Ramadhan Touge Session 2013

Hey Guys! We Back on the scene last August 3rd 2013 after a long hiatus we were silent from any activity almost a year. Here we are now in end of Ramadhan and last day for muslim to fast. An activity has been upped by TakaFuji in 31st of July 2013 for an RSVP for … Continue reading

Malaysia Election Day Touge Drive

Ahh It’s May 2013 already, how long since i’ve been stop writing touge expedition for a while. Okay we got new event lately, 5th May of 2013. The Election Day of Malaysia, here my tagline for the day “forget about politic issues, let touge with us” Pilihanraya Touge Drive by Malaysia Touge Network crews – The weather … Continue reading

Touge New Year – Opening Session for 2013

I hope it still not late to wish you all Happy New Year 2013 even it now already entering second week of 2013. On 1st January 2013, a day of New Year, we’ve been headed to Bukit Tinggi. Since it was last minute invitation, so naturally less member will attend. That’s normal especially i bet … Continue reading

Pembongkaran Misteri Hantu Bukit Putus

Jalan lama yang jarang diguna pakai biasanya akan dikaitkan dengan kehidupan misteri, mistik, seram, berhantu dan sebagainya. Sudah pastinya jalan lama Bukit Putus yang kini tidak lagi digunakan oleh pemandu tempatan mungkin menyingkap pelbagai kisah sejuta satu malam. Selepas beroperasinya jalan baru yang lebih mesra pengguna, kini jalan lama Bukit Putus hanya digunakan sedikit atau … Continue reading


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