GTZ Track Challenge – Datok Sagor Circuit


Sorry for no updates for few, nowadays become lazy, lazy and more lazy with editing and updating news. It’s New Year 2013 already, and on last Dec 23′ 2012, we has been participated in a grassroot motorsports event at Datok Sagor. Organized by GTZ from Penang, it was a track challenge compete in categories.


Now Jasril has become more serious about motorsports, and this was his first experience on track racing. The Black Mamba 120Y fitted with an old engine from Nissan Silvia S13. It is CA18DET a 1.8 turbo engine. Preparation has been made by AHS garage in Gombak. The engine we just let it be as stock, only equipped with Garret AR48 with low boost at 0.65bar. Front suspension also took from old S13 with their brake system while rear still with lift spring and has been stiff a bit.


We departed from AHS garage at 2.00am of Dec 23′ with other 2 cars. We took Plus Highway and drive at 100km/h and took exit at Bidor, we stop by at Mamak near Bidor toll and had some rest before continue journey to Datok Sagor Track in Kg Gajah.


We arrived there at 6.15AM, everyone still sleeping and had their best dream. We park and prepare a tent like we gonna to sleep but hey, the watch already 6.30am. Some of event crew and Marshall already woke up and took a bath. We still not sleep had some talk and i went around took some photograph.



The Sun has been rise at 7:05am, track still covered by mists. At 8.20am some of participant had some free run on the track finding the rhythm of race. Jasril warp up the Black Mamba for a while before took leave for free run. On third he notified some knocking. What the hell was happened. Oh My Piping! Got crack at piping that connect exhaust manifold and piping. And it was Sunday, where the hell workshop open on weekend here.


We search for workshop from Kg Gajah to Teluk Intan town. Oh! What dissapointment, no workshop open. Guess where we went then, lucky we got some help from Iron and Gate workshop. The boss seem really helpful and try to help us. Thanks to him, if not there no way we can go. We has been waste much practice time 9.00am to 11.00am. We get on the track back at 11:30am. At the same time Group A already start for qualifying session


Black Mamba was in Group C for 1.8 Open category. Time Qualifying for this group start at 12:30pm. At first Black Mamba clocked at 0m58s but then he clocked at 0m54s. For me, that was great time for driver who has not get 2 hours of practice session. The event stop at 1.00pm for lunch and Zohor prayer. We had Nasi Ayam bungkus by Syazwan, a handsome man from AHS garage.


The session continued around 2:10pm, the race for group 1.8 open begin, due to much participant in this category, it split up into two group A & B. Black Mamba has been placed under group B. The group A begin first, the tarmac was wet after rain around 1pm. Time for group B, Black Mamba was in grid 5. Green flag Up and the race begin.


In grid 4 was a Toyota GL, Black Mamba was stuck behind him. He tried his best to get pass but, the GL driver great in clean blocking. It was a great battle. Pos 1 to 5 was not gap so much but still in a group while others was fall behind. The race close to finish, only 4 car ahead will bi choose. Black Mamba still cannot find way to pass the GL. Me watched it from grandstand saw that Black Mamba start lost his performance. The exhaust start fogging badly. There’s something happen to the engine, i bet. Despite it, Jasril keep pushing the car to end of race and finish fifth.


Syazwan pop-up the hood and check what really happen on engine. Oh shit! radiator was empty, where the hell all water gone? the puzzle answered after there some tore at radiator hose. Cut it and connect it back. We hope everything gonna be okay. Try start the engine, but it couldn’t. Then we try check plug if there got spark or not. But pussy happen! When start to crank, everyone near engine bay has been splash by water. Damn it! the water came from spark plug hole. haha.. That bad thing, now head surely full of water already. Zul Blitzen contact Rio for truck services. Black Mamba back home with truck carrier.


Well now everyone superbly tired especially Jasril and Syazwan. We headed to village, it syazwan’s girlfriend  and old house after had some meals. We took rest till 12:30am, before start headed back to KL. That the story. It was a great experience for us especially Jasril for his very first experience racing on track. Allrite…   End of narrator.



Thanks to C’ra allowed us to had some rest at village. huhu

More picture can be find at our facebook page : (short link)


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